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Diet Plans for Severely Obese People
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Remember there is no easy way to lose weight so set a goal and encourage yourself.
Generally obese people are more prone to be attacked by serious diseases like BP, cardiac problems, diabetes etc so get your health check up done to figure out if everything else is well with you.
low calorie
Strictly follow no fat and very low calorie diet plan.
Exercise is must though it is very difficult to move your body in particular manner because of excess fat but once you start doing it your body itself become habitual to it. So do workout daily.
No sugar and very low salt is recommended.
Try to consume only heart healthy oils e.g. omega 3, MUFA & PUFA rich oils.
coconut water
Drink lots and lots of liquids including water, tender coconut water, lime water etc.
Eat raw, boiled or baked vegetables; add more of leafy vegetables, beans, broccoli etc in your diet.
Include apple, oranges, papaya, melons and guava in your diet.
black pepper
Minimize the amount of salt intake to enhance the taste of food use roasted cumin seed powder, black pepper powder, lemon juice mint and other herbs.
A strict no to all junk food, bottled and packaged drinks & beverages, shakes, sauces, refined wheat flour preparations, chips, chocolates, pickles, sweets.
Use wholegrain pulses and cereals.

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