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Healthy Diet Plan for pregnancy
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Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition: What to Eat, What Not to Eat...
Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables: blueberries, cantaloupe, cherries, apricots, grapefruit, Bananas
Consume extra protein and calcium like : Yogurt, eggs, beans, cheese
Whole grains
High in fiber and nutrients: Whole grains
Richest sources of plant-based omega-3s: Walnuts
Swiss chard
Dark green, leafy vegetables: Spinach, kale, Swiss chard
Nutrients Legumes: Lentils, peas, beans, chickpeas, soybeans and peanuts
Fish Liver Oil
Omega-3 fatty acids: Fish Liver Oil, fish
Nutritionist / Dietician
B.Sc., PGDDPHN (Dietary & Nutrition), Delhi University, New Delhi
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Diet Plan
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Diet Plan
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Diet Chart: What to eat and what not to eat...
° Eggs, Salmon
° High-mercury seafood
° Navy beans, lentils, black beans, pinto beans, chickpeas
° Unpasteurized (raw) milk, cheese and juices
° Sweet potatoes
° Raw or undercooked meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, and eggs
° Whole grains, Walnuts
° Energy drinks and excessive coffee
° Greek yogurt
° Unripe papaya
° Starchy foods: bread, potatoes, breakfast cereals, rice, pasta, noodles, maize, millet, oats, sweet potatoes, yams and cornmeal
° Foods with sneaky sugars
° Fish, nuts, poultry
° Soda and sweetened beverages
° Chocolate
° Alcohol (beer, wine, or spirits)
° Avocados
° Caffeinated Coffee/Tea
° Broccoli and Dark, Leafy Greens
° Deli Meats
° Water
° Liver
° Dried Beans & Lentils
° Raw or undercooked sprouts, such as alfalfa, clover.

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