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Best Diet for Beautiful Skin
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Eat your way to better skin with these healthy foods.
Consuming four or more herbs regularly—rosemary or thyme.
Green tea
Sip your way to healthy skin: Green tea.
Romaine lettuce: a refreshing boost of nutrients.
Best food sources for omega-3 fatty acids: Wild Salmon, Flaxseeds.
dark chocolate
Dark chocolate: the antioxidants in dark chocolate, reduce roughness in the skin.
Sweet Potatoes
Take Sources of Vitamin C: Sweet Potatoes, Strawberries
Vitamin A for Skin Repair : Grab an orange, carrot, or slice of cantaloupe.
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Diet Chart: What to eat and what not to eat...
° A good source of biotin, avocados
° Sugar
° Drink plenty of water and Green tea
° Sodas, Table Salt
° Leafy green vegetable: Spinach, Kale
° Bacon, Peanuts
° Grass-fed beef, Rosemary
° Vegetable Oil
° Olive oil, Soy, Oysters, beans
° Commercial breakfast cereal
° Blueberries, tomatoes, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes
° Roasted nuts
° Walnuts
° Fries, chips, tempura, deep fried fish and chicken
° Dark Chocolate, Yogurt
° Rice Cakes, Candy
° Almond milk
° Fast Food
° Yellow bell peppers
° Margarine
° Eggs
° Red Meat
° Cooked pumpkin, Sunflower seeds
°Excess caffeine
Eat it or wear it: At dinner, drizzle a few tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil into a small bowl, and dip whole-grain bread in it to improve your skin from the inside out.

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