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Diet Tips for Normal BMI
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kidney beans
Include more of high fiber food as in Multigrain Atta, whole grains cereal and pulses e.g. kidney beans, black grams, chickpea etc.
Use toned milk and its products.
Include leafy vegetables, carrots, cucumber, beetroot, broccoli, bitter gourd, pumpkin, tomatoes in your diet.
Include more of high fiber fruits like apples, orange, guava, watermelon, Muskmelon, papaya etc and lower the intake of banana, mango, Sapodilla, grapes etc.
packaged and canned drinks
Avoid all kind of packaged and canned drinks and foods.
cooking methods
Use healthy cooking methods like boiling, stewing, baking and grilling instead of deep frying.
PUFA rich oils
Make use of MUFA and PUFA rich oils and avoid hydrogenated fats and Trans Fats.
Include almonds, walnuts and Flax seeds in your diet.
low sugar
Low salt and low sugar.
Drink plenty of water.
Do 30-45 minutes exercise or yoga or brisk walk daily.

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