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Diet Tips for Diabetic Patients
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Here are tips for a diabetes diet that will prove helpful in controlling blood sugar levels.
lemon water
Drink plenty of water and other drinks like lemon water, green tea, herbal tea etc and keep yourself hydrated.
Green leafy vegetables
Include more fiber in your diet e.g. Green leafy vegetables, whole grain pulses, husked pulses etc.
canned and packaged food
Avoid canned and packaged food items.
malted beverages
Avoid all kind of malted beverages, cold drinks, preserved juices etc.
Include at least 30-45 minutes workout in everyday be it yoga, brisk walk, or any other activity.
Include MUFA and PUFA oils e.g. sunflower, safflower, mustard, olive, rice bran oils and don’t stick to just one oil. Try to keep changing them at regular intervals.
Include nuts like almonds, walnuts and flax seeds in your diet.
Avoid excess salt and salty products. High levels of salt leads to high blood pressure problems.
Include garlic, black pepper powder, roasted cumin seed powder mint, lemon juice to enhance the taste.
frequent small meal
Follow a frequent small meal diet pattern. Eat at an interval of two hours so that your blood sugar levels don’t drop to down.
Include no starch or low starch vegetables e.g. carrots, beans, gourds, green chilies, capsicums, tomatoes, radish, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli etc and strictly avoid potatoes, yam, colocasia or other starchy items (food items with low glycaemic index).
brown rice
Use brown rice in place of plain white rice and if you prefer only white rice than use boiling and straining method or cook them along with lots of vegetables.
cooked food
Consume healthy home cooked food.

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