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Diet Tips for Gout
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Gout is a condition in which there is a high level of uric acid developed in the joints of a person because of high protein intake causing inflammation, swelling and pain in joints. To cure gout following points need to be considered.
plenty of water
Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and other liquids.
protein rich food
Low the intake of protein rich food especially the ones that contain 'purine' e.g. organ meat, pork, beef etc.
Consume fish, eggs, chicken, milk (high fat) and its products in moderation, instead choose for low fat milk, yogurt etc.
Avoid oatmeal, peas, chickpeas, beans, Bengal gram, black gram and soybean.
Include more of fruits in your diet.
Include fiber rich vegetables and consume potatoes, yam etc in moderation.
red wine
Lower your consumption of liquor, instead consumes red wine in moderation.
physical exercise
Do regular physical exercise, walk etc.

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