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Nutrition Tips For Controlling Diarrhea
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Diarrhea is not a disease, it is actually a condition generated as consequence of certain diseases e.g. celiac disease, IBS, medication, food allergies, psychological factors like anxiety, fear, stress etc. if remain untreated it can lead to excessive dehydration.
Drink plenty of mineral water or homemade sugar and salt water.
ORS solution
Make WHO ORS solution and drink it every half an hour to one hour and especially after every stool passed.
tender coconut water
Drink fluids like tender coconut water, whey water, weak tea, cereal water, buttermilk, pulse water etc.
homemade butter
Include emulsified fats like homemade butter, whole milk in moderation because these fats are easy to digest and are required to meet the need of high energy.
pulse soups
Low residue foods such as clear vegetable or pulse soups, barley water, broth, curd, cottage cheese can be consumed.
BRAT diet can be included i.e. bananas, white rice (with curd), applesauce and toast (white bread).
Low fiber vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, bottle gourd, papaya and clear fruit juices can be given.
grilled chicken
Baked or grilled chicken or clear chicken soup can be consumed.
Semolina, refined wheat flour pasta, noodles, vermicelli, and dehusk pulses.
Include more of prebiotics and probiotics food in your diet i.e. bananas, curd, low fat cheese etc and under the guidance of your physician you can also opt for the correct medication.
proper rest
Take proper and enough rest.

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