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Beat the Heat! How to Stay Cool in Hot Summer
In summers our body naturally become more prone to get infection and dehydrated so it is very essential to keep your body hydrated and eat healthy to avoid any kind of infection and stay fit. So here are certain tips that you can follow and stay fit during hot summers.
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In summers our body naturally lose its moisture so you need to drink plenty of purified water (2-3 liters a day) to keep yourself hydrated.
drink water
You should start your day with 1-2 glass Luke warm water with added few drops of lemon in it so as to detox your body.
 Luke warm water
Include healthy fluids in your diet e.g. tender coconut water, homemade lemonade, whey water, fresh fruit juices, green mango juice (aam panna), sattu, mint and rose water drink etc are some healthy choices and helps you cool your body from within.
fresh fruit juices
Include fresh vegetables in your diet e.g. cucumber, onions, tomatoes, carrots, ladyfingers (okra), pumpkin, lemon, gourds, mint etc.
fresh vegetables
Include fresh cooling fruits in your diet e.g. watermelon, muskmelon, papaya, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, Java Plum (jamun) etc.
fresh cooling fruits
Yogurt is considered to be a super food and helps you maintain the digestive system. It is a natural probiotic that keeps your gut healthy and maintains the pH levels of our body and is very effective for the treatment of stomach infection. It is also a very good choice for lactose intolerant people.
Yogurt can be consumed plain or you can take it in form of smoothies, buttermilk etc.
Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea. These are not considered good during summers but if you can't refrain yourself from tea and coffee then it is better to prefer green tea, herbal tea, lemon tea, iced tea, cold coffee.
green tea
Avoid carbonated drinks like soda, cold drinks, canned, bottled and preserved juices and beverages as these are loaded with high sugar, preservatives and salts.
soda, cold drinks
Avoid deep fried, greasy, spicy food in summers as these foods are acidic in nature and may cause trouble during summers.
fried, greasy, spicy food
Unhealthy eating comes naturally during summers but try to be wise with your choices and strictly avoid street food; junk foods, stale food etc eat freshly cooked homemade food.
junk foods
Though packet foods like chips, chocolates, biscuits and namkeens etc tastes very yummy to our tongue but are very harmful for our health, though these products are considered to be high in energy but internally they makes you lethargic and lose your concentration.
packet foods
If you want to be active then strictly avoid high consumption of salt and sugar because these actually absorb water from our body.
high consumption of salt and sugar
If you want to make drinks then you can use flavored ice cubes put watermelon, rose, mint, lemon, cherry, orange, basil etc in ice tray and fill it with purified water, let it freeze and use them in your dinks. It makes you feel refreshing and is a healthy option.
flavored ice cubes
Take your water bottle along with you while travelling and avoid heavy meals.
water bottle
Eat less, drink more.
Eat less, drink more

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